In Everything Give Thanks: For This Is the Will of God in Christ Jesus Concerning You

1 Thessalonians 5:18  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 40
“In everything give thanks,”
My God, is this Thy will?
Give thanks for disappointments given,
For prayers unanswered still!
Give thanks! in vain I’ve prayed
That I might useful be,
And by Thy Spirit’s helpful aid,
Bring many souls to Thee.
Give thanks! when in the place
Of health and usefulness,
Through sickness Thou hast paled my face
With pain and weariness.
Give thanks! if ‘twere Thy will
Submission to demand,
I then might bid myself be still
And bow to Thy command.
But hush, beneath my eye,
I see in words of blood,
“Will He who gave His Son to die,
Refuse thee any good?”
Give thanks! Yea, Lord, I do,
And by Thy help I will
Give thanks! for blessings not received,
Although expected still.
Give thanks! for mercies given,
Unnoticed oft by me.
Give thanks! for all my sins forgiven,
Borne fully, Lord, by Thee.
Give thanks! in word and deed,
For Thy surpassing love,
Which sent Thy Son on earth to save,
And now to plead above.
Give thanks! for tender love,
That our Redeemer showed,
Who, in the absence of Himself,
A Comforter bestowed.
O! grant me by Thy grace
To walk by faith alone,
Until before my Father’s face
I know as I am known.