In the Holiest

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The vail's rent! God bids me enter
By the new and living way—
Not in trembling hope I venture,
Boldly, I His call obey-
There with Him, my
God, I meet God upon the Mercy-seat,
In the robes of spotless whiteness,
With the blood of priceless worth,
He has gone into that brightness,
Christ rejected from the earth—
Christ accepted there on high,
And in Him do I draw nigh.
Oh, the welcome I have found there,
God in all His love made known!
Oh, the glory that surrounds there
Those accepted in His Son!
Who can tell the depths of bliss,
Spoken by the Father's kiss!
All His joy told out unhindered,
Naught but Christ His eye can see,
Christ into His joy has entered,
And in Christ He welcomes me.
Would I know how dear to God?
Priceless, as Christ's precious blood.
"There," He saith, "and thus I meet thee,
On the Mercy-seat above;
There I commune with thee, greet thee.
Tell thee all thy Father's love;
There thy blest reward shall be,
All that Jesus is to me."
One with Him, O Lord, before Thee,
There I live, and yet not I,
Christ it is who there adores Thee,
Who more dear, or who more nigh?
All the Father's heart mine own—
Mine—and yet His Son's alone.
Place of glory, place of blessing,
Place where God His heart displays,
All in Thee, O Christ, possessing,
Thine the voice that leads our praise,
Thine the new eternal song,
Through the ages borne along.
As within His Temple olden,
Was there seen no costly stone; 
Naught but cedar, carved and golden,
Naught but Christ, and Christ alone;
So the stones so dearly bought,
God in heaven beholds them not.
All the worth I have before Him
Is the value of the blood;
I present, when I adore Him,
Christ the first-fruits unto God.
Him with joy doth God behold,
Thus is my acceptance told.