Isaiah - November 5, 1995

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The Lord sent His word to Israel through the prophet Isaiah. Because the people of God were being very rebellious and disobedient to the Lord, He sent warnings to them. He desired that they would repent of their naughty ways and turn back to Him so that He might be able to bless them.
The children of Israel were in a terrible condition because of their sin. The prophet told them that God saw them as a very sick and wounded person who was refusing to take the necessary medicine to be made well again. The Lord also saw the pride of the Israelites’ hearts who refused to believe that anything was wrong.
Though they would have to suffer if they did not listen to God’s message to them, His purpose of blessing to them would not be changed. Someday they will be blessed as God has promised. This blessing will come when they receive the Lord Jesus, their Messiah, as their rightful King.
One of the best-known passages in Isaiah is chapter 53. This chapter tells of the sufferings of the Lord Jesus for His beloved earthly people and of the day coming when He will have all His people around Himself and His heart satisfied. The prophet Isaiah closes his prophetic book with a promise from God that the day would come when the whole world will see displayed in Israel the blessing of Jehovah.
Now let’s rest before going further in our journey while you find the following verses:
1. The Word of God describes the condition of people before they are saved as being ____________ . Titus 3:___
2. The Lord Jesus instructed His disciples to ____________ those who curse them and to love those who are their enemies. Matthew 5:___
3. The Apostle John said that the desires of the world are not from God our Father. One of those desires is ____________ . 1 John 2:___
4. A title written by the Roman soldiers and put on the cross of the Lord Jesus called Him the ____________ of the Jews. Matthew 27:___
5. The Apostle Paul learned that whatever the circumstances of his life were, he could be ____________ (satisfied) because he belonged to the Lord Jesus Christ. Philippians 4:___