Jewish Prophecy Arrested by the Christian Era

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We have often pointed out that there can be no correct views of prophecy, as a whole, apart from understanding that Old Testament prophecy concerns itself with the Jew, and the Gentile in relation to the Jew, and of course all in relation to Christ.
In that way the long centuries of the present Christian era are taken no account of in Old Testament prophecy.
It is deeply interesting to find this long gap accounted for from a different standpoint. Mons. E. Guers, a Protestant Pastor of, Geneva, writes in 1855: “We cannot repeat it too often, so long as Israel, dispersed throughout the world, ceased to have a national and independent existence, prophecy interrupts the circumstantial and regular history of Jerusalem. But so soon as the nation, still scattered to the four winds of heaven, returns to its own land,... Israel becomes in prophecy again the explicit subject of divine testimony.”