Laying a Pillow for Jesus

Mark 4:38
It might be that some kind hand had placed this pillow for Jesus. He had said on one occasion, "The foxes have boles, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man bath not where to lay his head." And it is remarkable that Matthew (viii. 19-27) puts these words of Jesus just before His embarkation, though they were possibly uttered at another time. It may be that some loving hand arranged that pillow for Him, knowing that He was weary. It was evening when He entered the ship, probably after a long day's toil.
We may learn a lesson from that pillow. Jesus never asked for a comfort from any when He was down here. He did ask the poor Samaritan woman for a draft of water-not that He was seeking her care, but that He might draw out her need. Still, He gave opportunities to those who longed to show their love and attention to Him. Sometimes we may not have it in our hand to give when we have it in our heart. No matter; He looks at the heart. Do not let us judge Him with man's judgment, and say, " I cannot do so and so; then why need I wish to do it?"
It may be that the one who arranged that pillow (if such were the case) was gladdened afterward to find that He had fallen asleep upon it. In any case, He accepted it then-yes; used it fully for Himself. It may be, too, that there was no one of all His disciples whose heart was open to give Him "the tribute money." If there had been one, He might have allowed that one to do it unto Him; but a fish must be the giver. Doubtless, if there had been one at the moment who would have longed to give Him the money, He would have sent Peter to such an one, and not to a fish. He displayed His lordship over creation in the act, of course; but would He not rather have had the need filled up from some loving heart which was looking for. an opening to help? Could it be possible that at that particular moment not one on earth was longing to aid the Man of Sorrows? I say, "at that moment;" for it is not enough' that life from God must be present in him who acts for Jesus; he must also be in a moral state of soul, in communion with God, ere Jesus will ask for his aid. The ravens fed Elijah. But if there is even a Sidonian widow, with nothing save a little oil and a handful of meal, she will have the blessedness of helping the servant of the Lord.
The Lord loves us to give to Him, but " a cheerful giver " is the one He wants. When He wanted the ass for His entry into Jerusalem, He knew well who really was willing. There He sent, and asked. All that was needful to say was, "The Lord hath need of him." "Straightway " he would be sent. Perhaps the owners of that colt were anxiously waiting for some opportunity of service. If so, how it strengthened their faith to find that Jesus knew all about it!
In the case of the man with the pitcher of water (Luke 22:1010And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in. (Luke 22:10)) we see the same thing. The "good man" of that house may have been thinking of Jesus, and saying, " My room is a large one: how suitable it would be for the Lord and His disciples How I wish He would eat the Passover at my house!" If so, how his heart must have leaped when the two disciples, Peter and John, came into his very house to tell him that the Master was coming! Little did the man with the pitcher know what his carrying the pitcher signaled. Anything, everything, can be used by God to accomplish His purposes.
But to return. We may say that we cannot lay a pillow for the head of Jesus now. I think we can lay many for Him. Is not every believer now a member of His body? Many of those members need our pillows-so. to say. The " Head" is in glory, and as such, He needs them not. But Saul could persecute Him-" Why persecutest thou me?" Every word of comfort, then, every act of kindness, every little succor towards a saint, because he belongs to Jesus, is an odor of a sweet smell, Godward.
What mean the words, "And the house was filled with the odor of the ointment?" (John 12) Sooner or later, all will know what is done for and to the Lord. The people on the house-top could know that something sweet was being offered below. Do not the angels know what is done to Jesus? We smell, as it were, the sweetness of Abraham's sacrifice, although no eye saw it, save that of Jehovah. (Gen. 22) Envious ones may have been attracted by the odor in that house, who would not own Mary's devotedness at all. They could not help smelling its sweet savor.
We cannot do too much for the Lord; and nothing is too little or insignificant for Him to notice. Alas! how many are making pillows for their own comfort-beautiful pillows-provisions for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts! When we are thus occupied we have not large hearts towards the Lord. " The flesh " always narrows our hearts in divine love. When separation from self and the world is going on, there is room for enlargement in love and heavenly activities. (2 Cor. 6.)