319. Little Child, Do You Love Jesus
Little child, do you love Jesus?
Ask your little heart today;
I will tell of One who loves you,
Be your answer what it may.
Listen softly, listen humbly;
Sweet the story is, and true;
For my story is of Jesus—
Jesus, who once died for you.
Little child, the Savior loved you,
So He left His home on high;
Came on earth a lowly stranger,
For your sins to bleed and die.
Sin had set its stamp upon you,
And must shut you out from God;
Jesus came to make atonement,
Though it cost His precious blood.
Little child, the blessed Savior
Wicked men despised and slew,
On the cruel cross they nailed Him,
With a spear they pierced Him, too.
"It is finished!" said the Savior;
Well He knew His work was done;
He for sin had made atonement,
He, God's holy, spotless Son.
All creation stood in wonder
As He bowed His head and died;
Rocks and hills were rent asunder
When the Lord was crucified.
In a cold, cold grave they laid Him,
Thinking not what they had done;
Killed the Lord of life and glory,
Killed the Christ, God's much-loved Son.
Little child, death could not hold Him,
So the grave gave up its prey;
Straight into the heavens He entered,
Thence He speaks to you today.
Yes, His loving eye is on you,
He from sin would set you free,
Thus He speaks of little children,
"Suffer them to come to Me."