250. O Lord! We Would Delight in Thee

by Ryland, 1777
O Lord! we would delight in Thee,
And on Thy care depend;
To Thee in every trouble flee,
Our safe, unfailing Friend.
When human cisterns all are dried,
Thy fullness is the same;
May we with this be satisfied,
And glory in Thy name.
Why should we thirst for aught below,
While there's a fountain near;
A fountain which doth ever flow,
The fainting heart to cheer?
No good in creatures can be found,
All, all is found in Thee;
We must have all things and abound,
Through Thy sufficiency.
Thou that hast made our heaven secure,
Wilt here all good provide;
While Christ is rich, can we be poor?
Christ, who for us has died!
O Lord! we cast each care on Thee,
And triumph and adore;
Oh, that our great concern may be
To love and praise Thee more.