Only a Word in the Train

 •  4 min. read  •  grade level: 7
“Yes, it is wonderful how God opens up the way and gives opportunities to help souls, if only we are really waiting on Him for this, and ready for it.”
“It is so,” said my friend, with whom I was comparing notes, “and many times I have proved it to be true. Only a short time since I had the following happy experience which has encouraged me greatly.
“I was on my way to A—, and just opposite me in the train sat a woman, reading one of the monthly Christian magazines. I noticed that it was a book issued in the interests of Sunday school work. Presently the woman laid aside the paper she was reading, and I felt constrained to speak to her. It is not always easy to open a conversation with a stranger, but in turning the eye and heart upwards we always get the needed wisdom and strength for every emergency. And so I opened the conversation by saying.
“‘Forgive me, but I presume from the paper you were reading that you are interested in Sunday school work?’
“‘O yes, I am greatly interested,’ was the reply.
“‘How long have you taken up this work, may I ask?’
“‘For a number of years.’
“‘And are you happy and blest in it?’
“‘Well, yes, I think so,’ was the rather hesitating reply.
“‘How long have you known the Lord Jesus yourself?’ I ventured to ask.
“A long pause ensued, and evidences of embarrassment; my new friend was evidently unable to answer at once, but at length slowly repeated my words, ‘known the Lord Jesus for myself,’ and then added,
“‘Why I cannot say I even know Him now.’
“‘Not know the Lord Jesus, and you a Sunday school teacher!’ I exclaimed; ‘surely you must see how impossible it is for you to teach the children of your class about the Lord Jesus, if you do not know Him yourself?’ I then most earnestly pressed upon her the necessity for personal contact with and interest in a personal Saviour.
“She told me she was on her way to visit a dying, unconverted sister, and to take charge of the home and children for awhile. I pointed out to her what an opportunity God was giving her of leading the dying sister to Christ, and again urged the necessity of immediate decision.
“The train stopped, and my friend allowed me to take her name and address, as I wished to send her a little book which I thought might be helpful, and we parted.
“On my return home I at once wrote to enforce the points of our conversation, and enclosed ‘Just the Saviour You Need,’ and then committed the whole matter to the Lord, who I felt sure had begun to work in the heart of this woman in whom He had so sincerely interested me.
“In a few days, I received a letter in answer to mine. It was full of the deepest gratitude to God for His great goodness in having, in such an unexpected manner, reached her soul and blessed her. She told how she had gone to her sister’s home in the deepest distress, and that all was darkness within; then came the letter and the little booklet enclosed, and God used the one and the other to give her light and liberty.
“Further, she told how her sister had also read the book with similar results, and she too was now happy through faith in the finished work of Jesus.
“A few weeks later a black-edged envelope inclosing a letter, told of the death of the sister, and how her last hours were bright—O, so bright!—through believing.
“‘Neither my sister nor I’ continued the writer, ‘can ever thank God and you sufficiently for the blessing following that little talk in the train; the dying couch was bright with the sunshine of heaven. My sister called her children around her, and, one by one, committed them to the loving care of her Saviour and Friend bidding them each and all to give their hearts and lives to Him she now loved so well.’”
May I ask you, dear reader, Do you know the Lord Jesus? If He could so brighten the life and give sunlight in death itself to those two dear sisters, He is able to do this and more also for you. Hide nothing from Him.
Trust only to Him. He is able; He is willing; let Him save you just now.