Planting Time

 •  4 min. read  •  grade level: 4
Some of us in North America have had the fun of planting seeds in springtime. However, for some of you, North America is far away, and summer begins for you when snow begins to fall in the north. God made the world that way — round like a ball. He made it like that because that is the best way to preserve life, and He loves His creatures.
Seeds grow the same way all over the world. They need good soil, good rain and lots of patience from the person who plants them. Here is a story that Jesus told about planting seeds.
A man was planting seeds. He must have had lots of them, because he scattered them everywhere. If you think of each seed as a Bible verse, you will understand that God gives us lots of them. We have a whole book full of verses, and we’re scattering them right now. There is food in each one, and we can’t live without food. Will you make sure the Bible verses grow in your heart?
Some of the man’s seeds fell by the wayside. Nobody had dug up this ground, and the seeds didn’t stay there long. The birds gobbled them up before they had a chance to grow or maybe people walked right over the seeds. God says that in this story the birds are like Satan’s messengers. “Forget it,” says Satan, and lots of people do just that. If you forget God’s Word, it’s gone!
Some of the man’s seeds fell on stony ground. Everybody knows you can’t grow food on stones. Where will the roots go? There could be a little moisture, but not enough. Those seeds couldn’t produce food for anybody. Do you listen and remember what you hear from God’s Word? But if your friends don’t like it, then you don’t care about it anymore. God’s Word is too precious to waste.
Some of the man’s seeds fell among thorns. Maybe this was sort of good soil, because weeds grew there, but they were sturdy, thorny weeds. They crowded out those valuable little plants till they came to nothing. There are thorny weeds that are stronger than we are—weeds like worry or big plans that keep our minds full of thoughts so that the Word of God is crowded out. People say, “Oh no, I don’t have time to read the Bible, and I don’t have time to pray!” You have twenty-four hours every day, the same whether you are rich or poor. Don’t let the weeds of worry or ambition or fun crowd out the Word of God in your life.
Some of the man’s seeds fell on good ground. If you have a garden, you understand what good ground is. You must dig and rake, taking out stones and pulling up weeds, and then adding fertilizer and water. Your garden will show if it has prepared ground. The seed is good seed, but does it fall in good ground in your heart?
This is so important that perhaps we should tell you how to prepare the ground. It begins by listening: “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew 11:1515He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. (Matthew 11:15)). Look at your life and you will see that you really need this message from God. If you see your need to be saved from your sins, God gladly saves. Power belongs to Him. He has done all the work to save you from your sins. He sent His beloved Son: “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (1 Timothy 1:15).
God is true to His promises. He will give you power to throw out the stones and dig up the weeds, but the willingness must be yours. Are you willing to let Him save you — right now—today? Are you willing to let Him help you remove the thorny weeds, the stones and the birds? Satan will never stop bothering you, but God is stronger than Satan. He can make that good seed grow into food for yourself and others. Best of all, He will reward you. That’s just what He wants to do.
Think About God’s Word!
1. What different places did the man’s seeds fall?
2. Besides worry, ambition and fun, what are some other weeds that grow in our hearts in a way that chokes out God’s Word?
Project: How is the “ground” of our hearts kept properly cultivated? What does God tell us to do so that His Word has good ground to grow in? What verses can you give that support your answers?