Poor and Afflicted - Lord, We're Thine

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"I will leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people and they shall trust in the Name of the Lord.—Zeph, 3:12
Poor and afflicted.— Lord we’re Thine,
Nor would we, Lord, in this world shine
For, though the world may think it strange,
We would not, Lord, with it exchange,
"Poor and afflicted" we may be,
But, JESUS, we belong to Thee;
Thou hast redeemed us by Thy blood,
"Made us kings and priests to God."
" Poor and afflicted "!—Is that our lot
Let thanks flow forth and murmur not,
Our path, Lord Jesus, do Thou choose
To follow Thee, let's ne'er refuse.
" Poor and afflicted? "—let us sing
Who grace has brought, will glory bring—
Through sufferings, perfect-he doth know
To feel for us in every woe.
Poor and afflicted"!-but ere long
Well join the bright celestial throng—
Our sufferings then will reach a close—
" E'er with the Lord,"-O blest repose!