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Proverbs 12

Prov. 12:18 KJV (With Strong’s)

There is
yesh (Hebrew #3426)
entity; used adverbially or as a copula for the substantive verb (1961); there is or are (or any other form of the verb to be, as may suit the connection)
KJV usage: (there) are, (he, it, shall, there, there may, there shall, there should) be, thou do, had, hast, (which) hath, (I, shalt, that) have, (he, it, there) is, substance, it (there) was, (there) were, ye will, thou wilt, wouldest.
Pronounce: yaysh
Origin: perhaps from an unused root meaning to stand out, or exist
that speaketh
bata' (Hebrew #981)
a primitive root; to babble; hence, to vociferate angrily
KJV usage: pronounce, speak (unadvisedly).
Pronounce: baw-taw'
Origin: or batah {baw-taw'}
like the piercings
madqarah (Hebrew #4094)
a wound
KJV usage: piercing.
Pronounce: mad-kaw-raw'
Origin: from 1856
of a sword
chereb (Hebrew #2719)
drought; also a cutting instrument (from its destructive effect), as a knife, sword, or other sharp implement
KJV usage: axe, dagger, knife, mattock, sword, tool.
Pronounce: kheh'-reb
Origin: from 2717
: but the tongue
lashown (Hebrew #3956)
also (in plural) feminine lshonah {lesh-o-naw'}; from 3960; the tongue (of man or animals), used literally (as the instrument of licking, eating, or speech), and figuratively (speech, an ingot, a fork of flame, a cove of water)
KJV usage: + babbler,bay, + evil speaker, language, talker, tongue, wedge.
Pronounce: law-shone'
Origin: or lashon {law-shone'}
of the wise
chakam (Hebrew #2450)
wise, (i.e. intelligent, skilful or artful)
KJV usage: cunning (man), subtil, ((un-)), wise((hearted), man).
Pronounce: khaw-kawm'
Origin: from 2449
is health
marpe' (Hebrew #4832)
properly, curative, i.e. literally (concretely) a medicine, or (abstractly) a cure; figuratively (concretely) deliverance, or (abstractly) placidity
KJV usage: ((in-))cure(-able), healing(-lth), remedy, sound, wholesome, yielding.
Pronounce: mar-pay'
Origin: from 7495

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Ministry on This Verse

 The one who hesitates not at deliberate lying scatters pain and sorrow on every side; his venomed words piercing like a sword the hearts of sensitive and gentle souls. To these the tongue of the wise is health and up-building. (Proverbs Twelve by H.A. Ironside)

J. N. Darby Translation

There is that babbleth like the piercings of a sword; but the tongue of the wise is health.