Psalm 133

Psalm 133  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 27
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God of love and consolation,
Hear thy children's voice of praise,
Who 'mid outward tribulation
Still a note of joy would raise.
For though earthly props are sinking,
Friends fall back, and foes prevail,
Cast on thee in love unshrinking-
Ours are hopes that cannot fail.
Teach us, Lord! the secret meaning
In thy "new command" reveal'd;1
We, who on thy bosom leaning,
To redemption's day are seal'd.
Give us more of that anointing,2
By thy Holy Spirit shed,
That we may through thine appointing
In abiding truth be led.
As the precious oil descended,
Which o'er Aaron's garments roll'd,
May thy saints in love be blended
Here, while scatter'd from their fold.
Satan's wiles and earth's commotion
Ne'er can rend us from thy breast-
In thy love's unfathom'd ocean
All thine own may safely rest!
I. G.