Psalms 149

Psalm 149  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Restored Israel called to be joyful in their King, as the sharers of His glory and His government.
(vss. 1-4) The earthly congregation of the saints is called to praise the Lord. Their Maker is their King, who at last can take pleasure in His people, and save the meek.
(vs. 5) Their long history of sorrow over, the day of glory has come, and, at rest, they can sing aloud the praises of God.
(vv. 6-9) If the praise of God is in their mouth, the sword of government will be in their hand; for in the day of glory they will share with the King in His government of the world, executing judgment upon the enemies of the King. This honor have all the saints.