Righteousness and Peace

2 Samuel 14:14  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
1t is only God Himself who could bring home a banished one, or provide salvation for a sinner: for to accomplish this, there must be a ransom, a price adequate to the redemption. God alone could furnish that. All the angels in heaven would fail in the attempts an eternal value must go for an offense against. God. God alone can yield an offering which shall carry infinite value in it, like that, and such as sin demands. Power cannot supply it; love cannot supply it; it is God Himself, whose Person has infinite value, that can alone supply it. Power once attempted this, and failed awfully. David on the throne of Israel undertook, by a simple word or decree of power such as his throne carried, to bring back a banished one. But this ended in greater mischief; and the throne that had attempted this, was as it were forfeited by the act.
God has, however, done it-because He can sprinkle blood on the throne, such as the throne can accept. He can, and has allied righteousness with peace in this great matter, and His banished are brought home under sure and clear title to see His face, and to walk in His presence; and His own throne is not only guiltless but glorified. New powers array it. Mercy and truth with their several glories, and that too in their brightest shining, adorn it; they have met together, and righteousness and peace have kissed each other.