77. Salvation Is a Big Word

Salvation is a big word,
But I am not too small
To know Christ died on Calvary,
From sin to save us all.
For when a sinner trusts Him
To save him from his sin,
The Savior comes with peace and joy
To dwell his heart within.
Salvation! Salvation!
The gift of God is free;
For Jesus died for sinners,
Even you and me.
The Bible clearly tells us
That all are lost in sin;
That not by any goodness
Can we salvation win.
If I could have but one verse,
John three sixteen would do:
God loved the world and gave His Son
To die for me and you.
Salvation is forever,
The Word of God is plain;
A sheep found by the Shepherd
Cannot be lost again!
For "they shall never perish,"
None plucks them from His hand;
Though they are only happy when
They follow His command.