262. Satisfied With Thee, Lord Jesus

Satisfied with Thee, Lord Jesus,
I am blest;
Peace which passeth understanding,
On Thy breast;
No more doubting,
No more trembling,
No more trembling,
Oh, what rest!
Occupied with me, Lord Jesus,
In Thy grace;
All Thy ways and thoughts about me,
Only trace
Deeper stories
Of the glories,
Of the glories
Of Thy grace.
Taken up with Thee, Lord Jesus,
I would be;
Finding joy and satisfaction
All in Thee;
Thou the nearest
And the dearest,
And the dearest
Unto me.
Listening for Thy shout, Lord Jesus,
In the air;
When Thy saints shall rise, with joy, to
Meet Thee there.
Oh, what gladness!
No more sadness,
No more sadness,
Sin nor care.
Longing for the bride, Lord Jesus,
Of Thy heart;
To be with Thee in the glory,
Where Thou art.
Love so groundless,
Grace so boundless,
Grace so boundless
Wins my heart.
When Thy blood-bought church, Lord Jesus,
Is complete;
When each soul is safely landed
At Thy feet;
What a story
In the glory,
In the glory
She'll repeat.
Oh, to praise Thee there, Lord Jesus,
Oh, to grieve and wander from Thee
Earth's sad story
Closed in glory,
Closed in glory
On yon shore.
Then Thy church will be, Lord Jesus,
The display
Of God's richest grace and kindness
In that day;
Marking pages,
Wondrous stages,
Wondrous stages,
O'er earth's way.