116. See Mercy, Mercy From on High

See mercy, mercy from on high,
Descend to rebels doomed to die;
'Tis mercy free, which knows no bound;
How sweet, how pleasant is the sound!
Soon as the reign of sin began
The light of mercy dawned on man,
When God announced the blessed news,
"The woman's seed thy head shall bruise."
Brightly it beamed on men forlorn
When Christ, the holy child, was born;
And brighter still in splendor shone
When Jesus, dying, cried, 'Tis done!
Complete in power, when He arose
And burst the bands of all His foes;
Then captive led captivity,
And took for us His seat on high.
Till we around Him there shall throng,
This mercy shall be still our song;
For God shall every scheme confound
Of all that seek its course to bound!