Tarry Ye Here and Watch With Me

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Wondrous the love of Him who spake these words,
Wondrous the grace to stoop so low to ask
Of men, to tarry and to watch with Him
One hour! With Him whose goings forth of old
From everlasting were. Whose word did form,
Whose power upheld creation’s utmost bound.
Yes,—He did stoop to crave their tarrying
E’en for one hour, to watch with Him;—and yet
He asked in vain. Alone He prayed; alone
He watched. For comforters, He looked, and none
Did find. Wondrous the love of Christ!
Matchless the grace; Perfect the sympathy that flows
To lonely ones. Tell out thy grief to Him.
He felt the same. No human breast had He
To lean upon, no voice to soothe, or speak
Of comfort to His wounded heart. Not one
To watch with Him in that drear, darksome hour.
He knew it all. It was for thee, for thee
Thou purchased one, He passed through all, and now
With open arms can welcome thee to come,
And pour out every grief, the keenest pang,
Or that too small for any ear save His.
Yes, pour out all, He can uphold, sustain,
Can comfort thee, can whisper peace, His peace
E’en in the wildest storm. Nay more, can make
All things work thy good, and yield to Him eternal praise.