The Arrow Hit the Mark

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Some years ago a society was established to distribute tracts by mail in the higher circles. One of these tracts, entitled, “Prepare to meet thy God,” was enclosed in an envelope, and sent by mail to a gentleman well known for his ungodly life and his reckless impiety. He was in his study when he read this letter among others.
“What’s that?” said he. “‘Prepare to meet thy God.’ Who has had the impudence to send me this insincere religious drivel?” And, with an oath on his unknown corres­pondent, he arose to put the paper in the fire.
“No; I won’t do that,” he said to himself. “On second thought, I know what I will do. I’ll send it to my friend. B — ; it will be a good joke to hear what he’ll say about it.”
So saying, he enclosed the tract in a fresh envelope, and with disguised handwriting directed it to his good friend.
Mr. B — was a man of his own stamp, and received the tract, as his friend had done, with an oath at the Methodist humbug; and his first impulse was to tear in pieces. “I’ll not tear it either,” said he to himself. “Prepare to meet thy God” at once arrested his atten­tion and smote his conscience. The arrow of conviction entered his heart as he read, and he was converted.
Almost his first thought was for his ungodly associ­ates. “Have I received such blessed light and truth, and shall I not strive to communicate it to others?” He again folded the tract, and enclosed and directed it to one of his companions in sin. Wonderful to say, the little arrow hit the mark. His friend read. He also was converted; and both are now walking as the Lord’s redeemed ones.