31. The Father, From Eternity

by Nicolai, 1598
The Father, from eternity,
Chose us, O Jesus Christ, in Thee,
In Thee, His well-belovèd:
And we, as given to Thee—Thy bride,
In Thee, Lord Jesus, can confide:
Thy love remains unmovèd.
From Thee daily
Strength receiving—to Thee cleaving,
Blessèd Jesus!
May we all show forth Thy praises.
Before the world we'd make our boast,
That Thou, in whom is all our trust,
Art Lord of life and glory;
And soon Thou'lt bring us to that place
Where we shall see Thee face to face,
And, glorified, adore Thee.
Amen! Be then
Praise and blessing—never ceasing
To Thee given
Here, and when we come to heaven.