The Father's Love

Blest Father! infinite in grace:
Source of eternal joy!
Thou lead'st our hearts to that best place,
Where rest's without alloy.
There will Thy love find perfect rest,
Where all around is bliss;
Where, all in Thee supremely blest,
Thy praise their service is!
Eternal love their portion is,
Where love has found its rest;
And, filled with Thee, the constant mind
Eternally is blest!
There, Christ, the center of the throng,
Shall in His glory shine;
But not an eye, those hosts among,
But sees that glory-Thine!
Thy counsels, too, in all Thine own
Fulfilled, by power Divine,
Spread wide the glory of Thy throne,
Where all in glory shine.
Yet deeper, if a calmer joy,
The Father's love shall raise;
And every heart find sweet employ
In His eternal praise!
Nor is its sweetness now unknown,
Well proved in what it's done:
Our Father's love with joy we own,
Revealed in Christ the Son!