The Inattentive Listener

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
You listen not; One listens—God,
He hears about His Son—
Yes, hears with deepest interest,
Of life on Calvary won.
He listens; and His eye beholds
His words upon you fall—
Words, if you knew their blessedness,
Would hold your heart in thrall.
To angels mercy ne'er was preached
They fell—and fall'n remain:
But mercy to poor ruined man
Is sent, his soul to gain—
Sent from the loving heart of God,
To win the erring soul,
And give it perfect rest in Christ,
And joy unspeakable.
O listen, then, to words like these!
For "he that hears shall live”—
Hear with the ear of faith, and take
What mercy has to give!
Not always shall God's grace be preached,
Accept it while you may;
'Tis offered now! but soon will close
Salvation's precious day.
A. M.