The Lord's Work in Russia

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A deeply interesting letter having come into our hands, giving an account of the Lord's gracious work at this time in Russia, we give the following touching extract, which is another example of the wonderful ways of God.
" Major P. went with one of his friends to a distant village, to preach the gospel. Having got about half way, suddenly one of the horses became lame, and it was impossible to continue the journey. They were expected at a certain hour, but were helpless. At this moment a countryman came out of the woods which were by the way, and offered to provide a carriage, and be himself the driver. Major P. willingly accepted the offer; yet the carriage had to be got from a farm in the neighborhood. They had scarcely stepped in, when the driver, an aged man [seventy years], turned to Major P., and told him that he had tried to find him for more than three years, but that he never could succeed, because he had arrived too late, where Major P. had a meeting. Several times he had also gone to a distant village, in the expectation of finding him, but each time he was disappointed, the meeting being in another place. The poor man was almost discouraged, when God Himself ruled circumstances, so that he could hear the glad tidings of salvation. He told him, with trembling voice, his trouble of soul, his fear of death, and his burning desire to find forgiveness of his sins; he said he did not know what to do.
" Major P. began to read to him a few passages of scripture, which tell of free grace, the gift of God, the love of the Lord, &c. The old man listened with close attention; [his heart began to apprehend the meaning of those precious words, and his face shone with joy. Suddenly he exclaimed, Oh, it is enough! Now I possess what I had longed for! Thanks to God! The good man forgot in his joy his duty as driver. The reins and whip fell out of his hands, while big tears rolled down his cheeks—tears of joy and thanks to God. His lips were unable to express his gratitude, his happiness had made him dumb.
"Major P.'s young friend was obliged to sit on the box, and drive the horses; the good old man was quite unable to do it. Major P. had him in the carriage, to speak to him of Christ and His work; His love, and all that He has done for us, and the place that He has prepared for us with the Father. The poor man, now our brother, listened with delight, only interrupting, from time to time, with an artless, child-like question. He cannot read; is very untaught; but now he possesses what he needed. He does not know anything but that Christ died for him, and that he is washed from his sins by His blood; and that suffices to give him eternal joy. Is not that wonderful, dear brother? Yes, God is worthy to be 'admired' in all His ways. Who would have thought that the laming of a horse could have led to the turning of a soul to Christ?"
Has the reader thus passed from death unto life? Your privileges may be a marvelous contrast with this poor anxious Russian. Never before had he heard the glad tidings of forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. There, as he sat on the box, was he born of water and of the Spirit. The Holy Ghost, there and then, used the word in the washing of regeneration. And at once he received what mere carnal ritualism can never impart. Christ was set before Him—His work, His love; and all that He has done for us. Not what we have done for Him, but what He hath done for us! That one sacrifice on the cross surely is a perfect work. God bears witness to it, for He hath raised Him from the dead. Oh, guilty, heavy-laden soul, from the throne of God is proclaimed to thee forgiveness of sins. The poor man from the wood believed God. Yes, it was the word of God to him. He now knows that Christ died for him, that he is washed from his sins by His blood, and that suffices to give him eternal joy. Can you say, the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin? Then does not this suffice to give you eternal joy?
Let us adore our God, that He is thus spreading His blessed gospel in Russia. And while we give thanks let us also bear the beloved saints there on our hearts before the throne of grace. Very fast is He gathering in His redeemed ones; soon we shall see His face, and be forever with the Lord.