The Names "Jesus, Saviour, Lord and God" as Found in One

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Jesus the Saviour! Lord and God!
How great! How glorious Thou!
With head uncovered—foot unshod,
Before Thy feet I bow.
As Son of God thou'rt known -
Fully as God art own'd;
The Father's Son—Rest of His Love -
As God the Son enthron'd.
There worship, due to God, is Thine -
'Tis freely, gladly giv'n;
The throne, the glory—all divine,
Are owned as thine in heaven.
Maker of all! Upholding all!
Redeemer! Who but Thou?
And—Empire Thine! Spite the fall,
To Thee each knee shall bow.
As King of kings, and Lord of lords!
In the bright coming day,
The word of God to Thee accords
A universal sway.
Saviour! How sweet that precious name,
Precious to God and faith -
The God-Man proves in us His claim
O'er Satan, sin and death.
His blood and righteousness suffice
To smooth the way of grace:
God can be gracious, we can rise
And meet Him face to face.
The Lamb on high, the veil within,
Presents Himself to view;
Banner of God! that pardons sin,
Our peace and pardon too.
The " Savior Jah" (Jesus) declares
The who and what Thou art:
The Spirit moves, and faith prepares
The love-note of each heart.
Thou lowest me, Lord! how pleasant 'tis
To lisp of love to Thee.
Thy love to us! 'tis perfect bliss
And shall forever be.
Thy name and works and self concur
To speak redeeming grace;
To God they bring the sinner near,
And songs of gladness raise.