The One Who So Loved Me

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Jesus, I know that Thy blood can save,
For I know it has saved me;
I once feared death, and the dark, dark grave,
And the darker eternity.
I felt my sins were a fearful load;
No language my sorrow could tell;
And ah! as I walked the broad, broad road,
I knew 'twas a journey to hell.

But I heard of One who loved me so,
That He came from His throne on high,
To bear the weight of my sins and woe,
And to bleed on the cross, and die.
He washed my sins in the crimson flood
That flowed from His open side,
And I knew I was saved by the precious blood
Of the Lord who was crucified.

So, now, a sinner redeemed by blood,
In Christ accepted I stand,
And wait, as a blood-bought child of God,
For my home in the heavenly land.
And this is the joy I seek below,
As I sing of His love so free,
That others the wondrous love may know,
Of the One who so loved me.