The Permanent and the Passing Away

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
Doubting and inconsistency and unbelief are but passing away. Sorrow and pain and trial are not permanent. A few more turns of the clock and swings of the pendulum, and then farewell forever to sin and failures. Farewell to doubts and fears—a final farewell. We are to be conformed to the image of His Son. We shall be ushered into the reign of light and of eternal realities. Then goodbye FAITH. Farewell HOPE. I am launched out into one great eternal sea of love. FAITH and HOPE make very good companions on the road, but not for eternity. They go with us to the gate, but LOVE is inside. GOD is LOVE. We shall be plunged into the ocean of love, lost in it, never to come out. It is shoreless, bottomless, and infinite. We shall soon be in a region where we shall know as known, and there will not be a thought or a feeling, which will be unlike Christ. No trouble or sorrow, all will have passed away. The first thousand years in glory will roll along with Hallelujah to the LAMB! Another comes, and we are still praising the Lord together. The pendulum of praise never ceases to swing. He will be the object of our adoring praise and worship forever. Eternity! Eternity! Eternity! How long art thou? Not too long to gaze on the LAMB. Then the permanent. Nothing but CHRIST—the CHRIST of GOD, forever, forever, and forever. Amen.