The Resting Place

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
"Leaning on Jesus' bosom!" This is the place of rest,
When the trials of life surround us, and the heart is sore opprest;
When the soul is sad and weary, and longing for break of day-
When doubts, and fears, and failings, forever will flee away!
"Leaning on Jesus' bosom!" This is the place of peace,
Where trouble cannot reach us, and sorrows all must cease.
"Leaning on Jesus' bosom!" I have no cares or fear-
No danger there can threaten me, no evil venture near.
"Leaning on Jesus' bosom!" These are His words to me,
"As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort thee;"
Though here you may have sorrow, O conquer all your fears,
In the glory over yonder, "God will wipe away your tears!"
"Leaning on Jesus' bosom!" Calmly may I be found
When the silent waves of Jordan encompass me around;
When the shadows have grown much longer, and the days are dark and cold,
Then I look for my home in Heaven, 'mid the streets of shining gold!
"Leaning on Jesus' bosom!" Oh, Christian, this is your place,
The only place of resting amid life's weary race!
Here there is naught but sorrow, sickness, and want, and care;
But sorrow will fade into gladness in the glory over there!
"Leaning Jesus' bosom!" His arms will encircle you round;
List'ning His gentle whispers, you'll hear no earth-born sound;
But you'll rest in the light of His beauty, like the ransom 'd glorified,
And the smiles of His love will thrill you ere you reach the other side!
A. S. O.