The Star

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"The morning star" is the symbol of the Church's hope. And there is beauty in this thought, derived as it is from Rev. 2:2828And I will give him the morning star. (Revelation 2:28) and 22:16.
The characteristics of the morning star are brilliancy and solitariness. It glitters beautifully off in its distant sphere, but it is all alone. It does not command the notice of the world as the sun does. It is only the watchman that sees it. The season for its appearing is quite its own-it is neither night nor day. It fills a moment that is quite its own, and it is only the watchman or the child of the morning, the one that is up before the sun, that has to do with it.
Is there not a voice in this, dear Christian? Does it not tell your inmost soul of a coming that is to precede the sunrise-of the appearing of One who does not belong to the world, whose business is not with the earth, but with an elect people who wait for an unearthly Savior?