The Touch of Jesus

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" And Jesus came and touched them, and said, 'Arise, and be not afraid.' "
He touched my restless heart, and all was still,
And I was just content to wait His will;
He told me how I yet should surely see
That He had planned the very best for me -
Could I not trace His love in all the past?
Well might I know all would be right at last.
Ah! blessed, soothing touch! 'Tis His, I know,
No other hand could ever touch me so,
The longings, and the achings, and the pain,
But meet that touch, and all is calm again.
He touched me first, when I was full of sin,
For I have heard Him saying, " Be thou clean,"
And then He touched my eyes that I might see
His beauty, which eclipsed all else for me.
Without His tender touch, my hands by turn
Hang idle, or with restless fever burn;
That touch alone can loose the speechless tongue.
So that His endless praises may be sung.
And so I need His touches, day by day,
Earth's fevers, and earth's fears, to take away,
To bid the wonderings, and the doubtings cease,
And fill me with His own unclouded peace.