46. "Too Late, Too Late!" How Sad the Sound

"Too late, too late!" how sad the sound
On anxious human ears,
Of those who've waited long, a prey
To doubts, and hopes, and fears.
But there's a time, when sadder far,
Shall sound in human ears,
A dread "too late," which, killing hope,
Will turn to death all fears.
"Too late" they'll feel their lost estate,
Which now they don't believe;
"Too late" they'll see the grace of God
Which now they won't receive.
"Too late" they'll find the door will shut,
Which now stands open wide;
"Too late" they'll have to meet their God
With no place then to hide.
O sinner, pause, ere yet "too late";
Now is the day of grace,
Now Jesus calls, oh, do obey
His pleading, loving voice.
Today 'tis free to all who come,
And take Him at His word;
Tomorrow's sun may rise "too late"
For you who now have heard.