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Tychicus has a nice recommendation. Here is a “beloved brother.” There was something about that man which made him very dear to the heart of Paul. He was a beloved brother. There are some of our brethren whom we can scarcely speak of without using that word. We always think of them as beloved brothers. Perhaps there are others about whom we would not be so ready to speak in that way. Of course, we are all beloved of the Father, but that is not the side of things that is before us here. It is not what we are in Christ, but what is manifested in our practical, everyday life.
“A beloved brother, and a faithful minister.” Wouldn’t we all like to be that? I believe our hearts ought to long for that kind of thing. You would like to be that someday, wouldn’t you, dear young Christian? That kind of thing is made up of a lot of very small threads. It is like one of the great hawsers that they use on the ships. They are as big as your arm, but if you were to examine that great rope you would find that it is made up of lesser ropes, and these are made up of still lesser ropes, and finally you get down to the fibers. Our Christian character is like that.
Why do you think that Tychicus was a beloved brother and faithful minister and fellow-servant in the Lord? How could the Spirit of God call him that? His life had been made up of daily faithfulness. Day by day he had been weaving that cord, that rope of testimony and service. Now he is rather mature in his Christian experience, and the Apostle can call him “beloved brother, and a faithful minister and fellow-servant in the Lord.” He did not suddenly become that. That was the result of a life of pruning. How nice that he could be spoken of in that way.
Young folks, are you faithful? Are you faithful in the little things God gives you to do for Him? Faithfulness is a great thing. It is a great thing to be faithful in the meetings. Have you a seat at the reading meeting, and are folks disappointed if you are not there? Would they miss you if you were not at the prayer meeting, or would they be surprised if you were there? Faithfulness is made of small obediences. It is woven of individual acts of faithfulness — faithfulness for Christ in the least bit of responsibility that falls across your path. Perhaps you had some little bit of service you were discharging for Him, and you were happy in it, but you have let it slip. Would the Lord have liked you to give it up, or was it spiritual slothfulness? Did you become cold in your soul? Oh, if you are like that, go to the Lord about it and ask Him to freshen up your affections. Take up that little service for Him. If He has given it to you, it is your individual responsibility — it has your name attached to it. Someone else might step in and do the work, but that will not be discharging your responsibility.