What Think Ye of Christ?

JESUS left His home in glory—
Would an outcast be;
Left the bosom of the Father—
Sinner, 'twas for thee!
Who, so earnest, in the garden,
Prays on beaded knee?
'Tis the Sinless One foretasting
What was due to thee!
Who, with thorn-pierced brow, is hanging
On the cursed tree?
'Tis the Lamb of God most holy
Tasting death for thee!
“It is finished!" Grace path triumphed,
Now salvation's free;
Offered without price or money—
Offered NOW to thee!
Hear the Saviour patient pleading,
"Come! Oh! come to Me!”
With His blood He paid the ransom—
Such His love for thee!
And the very angels marvel
Such a sight to see,
As the Lord of Glory PLEADING,
Pleading NOW with thee!
Still He calls—He longs to bless thee,
And thy Saviour be!
Ah, poor sinner! canst thou doubt Him—
Doubt His love to thee!
Still He lingers, still entreats thee
From the wrath to flee;
For He bore the dreadful judgment,
That thou might'st go free.
Oh! but trust Him! He WILL save thee;
Let your cry now be:
“I believe it! I receive it!
Jesus died for me!"
W. L. G.