201. When We Walk With the Lord

When we walk with the Lord
In the light of His Word,
What a glory He sheds on our way!
While we do His sweet will,
How our hearts He can fill
With His love as we trust and obey.
Trust and obey, for there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.
Not a shadow can rise,
Not a cloud in the skies,
But His smile quickly drives it away:
Not a doubt nor a fear,
Not a sigh nor a tear
Can abide while we trust and obey.
But we never can prove
The delights of His love
When in paths of self-pleasing we stray;
For the favor He shows,
And the joy He bestows,
Are for those who will trust and obey.
Then in fellowship sweet
Let us sit at His feet,
Or walk by His side in the way;
What He says may we do,
Where He sends may we go,
Never fear, only trust and obey.