Young Christians in the Service: Part 4

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“It is a wonderful thing how the cells of skin grow.”
The speaker, an army surgeon, was addressing a young private whom we shall call C. Both being on duty that night in a large army hospital. A very interesting discourse followed as the officer went on to relate some of the wonders of skin grafting. C. enjoyed what was said, but being a true and earnest Christian, soon let his light shine by making some remarks about the wonders of creation and about the Creator.
The officer showed his colors, also, by saying that he was an atheist, and that he failed to see the mark of God in the wonders of the human body. This gave C. an opportunity to affirm his faith in God, and to give good testimony before his superior. It was nearing midnight, but the conversation went on as the officer set forth the theories of evolution, declaring that he preferred to believe that man evolved from a monkey, rather than believe that God created him. Finally C. said:
“Well, if there could be a chance that I am mistaken, I have certainly lost nothing, for I have great joy and consolation in God and His Word. I would not want to do without God and the Lord Jesus. But if you, Lieutenant, should be mistaken, you have lost everything. You have not the joy of salvation now, and would be lost for all eternity.”
The officer finished his work in the ward, but before leaving turned to C. and said,
“I guess you think I’m a bad fellow, don’t you?” After a little hesitation C. replied,
“I am just sorry for you, and regret very much that you take such a stand.”
As the officer left, C. lifted his heart to God that some word might reach this needy soul.
Circumstances have now separated these two men. C. remains in the ward seeking to let his light shine as he has opportunity; the officer is somewhere in foreign service. Our heart’s desire and prayer to God, is, that the faithful and unassuming testimony given him that night in the ward office may follow him, and some day come home with quickening power to his soul. May he yet know and enjoy that same blessed Saviour.
The above incident brings to mind the faithful testimony given one day to king Agrippa by the beloved apostle Paul. The Apostle was on trial before the king; but Paul preached the gospel to him, and pleaded so earnestly with him that the king stopped him by saying,
“Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian,” whereupon Paul beautifully expressed, not only his faith in God, but also his entire joy and satisfaction in what he had in Christ. The Apostle did not say in reply that he wished the king were a Christian. Listen to his words of true elevation, yet spoken in all meekness.
“I would to God, that not only thou, but also all that hear me this day, were both almost and altogether such as I am, except these bonds” (Acts 26:2929And Paul said, I would to God, that not only thou, but also all that hear me this day, were both almost, and altogether such as I am, except these bonds. (Acts 26:29)).
He could wish nothing greater or better for the king and all who heard him, than they should possess and enjoy the same blessings he had. This is also in line with the word given to us in 1 Peter 3:1515But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: (1 Peter 3:15):
“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.”
Dear young Christians, whether you are away in the government service, or at home, in the school, office, or shop, seek to be more occupied with the Lord Jesus, enjoying Him and His things in your hearts. It is not enough to know these things in your heads, or to have the truth ever so clearly outlined. What God desires is that you have these things in your hearts, and your affections engaged. If you are enjoying the Lord Jesus and your heart is warm, you will have no great difficulty in giving to others a reason for your own hope and joy. Such testimony that comes from one’s own joy and satisfaction, is of great value, and often does more good than the clearest of sermons.
The Lord Jesus told one man whom He had healed to
He was not just told to go and preach, but to tell what he himself had received. That man did it, and there was blessing from his testimony. He had expressed a desire to be with Jesus, but the time had not yet come for that. Some day, very soon, we shall all be taken Home to be with the Lord Jesus forever, but today is the time for witnessing to what He has done for us.