1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 1‑16  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
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The interior ordering of the Church by the Spirit in the apostle, in contrast to fleshly wisdom, worldliness, tendency toward sects, in the lap of luxury and licentiousness; making this epistle most needful for our present like state! No mention is made of any official bishops or deacons. He emphasizes that only the Holy Spirit can unfold the mind of Christ in His word; the responsibility of all who profess as to how they build; that holiness must be maintained in the assembly, in marriage, in keeping the body under; that the place of subjection becomes sisters; that our lives be consistent with the remembrance of the Lord in His death and this at HIS table. Then are given the operations of the Spirit in all the members of the one body, in love, for the edification of all; then Christ’s resurrection and glory insuring ours.
Written by Paul A.D. 60 from Ephesus (16:8).