1 Thessalonians 3

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As Christians, we have no promise of an easy life. Someday we might have to suffer like the Thessalonians who were appointed to afflictions because of their faith in the Lord Jesus. They were troubled by persecutions, so Paul sent Timothy to visit them. Paul and Timothy were comforted by the faith of these Christians, who had recently been saved. Even though these Christians were persecuted for the Lord Jesus, they could stand fast in the Lord. Standing fast means to be a strong Christian.
Paul’s prayer is that the Christians would increase and abound in love toward one another. To love our fellow-believers is evidence that we are children of God. Our love for one another will be rewarded any day now. The Lord Jesus will come to take the believers to heaven to be with Him forever. About seven years later, our Lord Jesus will return to reign as king over the earth for 1000 years. At this time, all the saints will be with Him and God’s work of holiness in our hearts will be shown to all the world.
1. As Christians, we should expect to suffer __________ in this world.   1 Thessalonians 3:___
2. Paul was comforted by the __________ of the Thessalonians.   1 Thessalonians 3:___
3. Paul was happy that these Christians could stand fast in __________ even when they were persecuted for Jesus’ sake.   1 Thessalonians 3:___
4. What are the Christians told to increase and abound in toward one another? __________   1 Thessalonians 3:___
5. Who will come with Jesus when He comes to reign over the earth for 1000 years? __________   1 Thessalonians 3:___