1 Thessalonians

1 Thessalonians 1‑5  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
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(victory over false)
The epistles to the Thessalonians are the capital seat of the truth of the Lord’s coming (in both aspects; first, for His saints; later with His saints) and alluded to in every chapter. As the inspiring hope of the young convert in chapter one; as the encouraging hope for the servant, chapter two; as the purifying hope of the believer, in chapter three; as the comforting hope of the bereaved, in chapter four; and as the arousing hope of the drowsy, in chapter five. He delights in these newborn babes who, amidst persecution, were living in the freshness of affections and power of the Christian hope. Concerned in their continuing and becoming more firmly established in the faith, he encourages their simplicity with added light to preserve them from fears and dangers.
Shortly after his three weeks’ stay with them this first of Paul’s epistles was written from Corinth in A.D. 52.