63. Covenant Stones

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The use of stones in making a covenant is referred to in the Bible on several occasions. Herodotus speaks of a similar custom among the ancient Arabians. He says: “When two men would swear a friendship, they stand on each side of a third. He, with a sharp stone, makes a cut on the inside of the hand of each, near the middle finger, and taking a piece from their dress dips it in the blood of each, and moistens therewith seven stones lying in the midst, calling meanwhile on Bacchus and Urania” (Rawlinson's Herodotus, 2, p. 401).
Some think that Job refers to this custom when he speaks of a “daysman.” See Job 9:3333Neither is there any daysman betwixt us, that might lay his hand upon us both. (Job 9:33).