672. Tradition

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Lightfoot (Horae Hebraicae, on verse 2) gives a number of curious illustrations from the old Talmudical writers, showing the value which they set on traditions: “The words of the scribes are lovely, above the words of the law; for the words of the law are weighty and light, but the words of the scribes are all weighty.” “The words of the elders are weightier than the words of the prophets.” “A prophet and an elder, to what are they likened? To a king sending two of his servants into a province. Of one he writes thus: Unless he shows you my seal, believe him not; of the other thus: Although he shows you not my seal, yet believe him. Thus it is written of the prophet. He shall show thee a sign or a miracle; but the elders thus: According to the law which they shall teach thee.”