700. Hypocrisy

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1. The scribes and Pharisees had peculiar facilities for obtaining property under false pretenses. The scribes, on account of their knowledge of law, were often consulted on property questions; and the Pharisees, by reason of their supposed piety, exercised great influence over the people. Those who were inexperienced in business entrusted their property to these men for safe keeping, and many lost by it.
2. Some of the Pharisees prayed an hour, besides meditating an hour before and an hour after prayer. This, repeated three times a day, made nine hours spent in pretentious devotion. One of the rabbis says: “Since, therefore, they spent nine hours every day about their prayers, how did they perform the rest of the law? and how did they take care of their worldly affairs? Why, herein-in being religious, both the law was performed and their own business well provided for.” And again: “Long prayers make a long life” (Lightfoot, Horae Hebraicae).