65. Christ Is the Only Savior Mighty to Save

Christ is the only Savior mighty to save,
He who suffered once for sins, and sank neath the wave;
Sing how the wrath of God on Calvary's cross He bore;
How by death He conquered death and lives evermore.
Christ is the Savior, He never will fail;
All hope to save oneself could nothing avail;
Man is a total wreck, can never reach the shore.
All who trust in Jesus Christ are saved evermore.
Christ in that hour of darkness, lost ones to save,
Braved Himself the ocean depths, and battled the wave;
Though all Jehovah's billows rolled o'er His head,
Son of Man and Son of God, He rose from the dead.
Oh, what a mighty Savior, Jesus who died!
Strong enough to bear His own above the angry tide;
Not e'en the feeblest saint will Christ ever fail,
Never will the gates of hell against Him prevail.
O blessed risen Savior, living today!
Living, too, to guide Thine own through all the stormy way;
None have the power to pluck Thy saints from Thine hand,
Thou wilt safely bring Thine own home to the better land.