A Few Things I See by Faith in Christ

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 14
In Christ promised I see the blessed purpose of God to glorify Himself in the Person of a Man, notwithstanding the utter failure and sin of Adam, and to overrule his wickedness, and to bless him in spite of himself.
In Christ incarnate I see for the first time upon the earth a holy Man without sin, a Man in whom God could find the perfect joy and satisfaction of His own heart, a Man who delighted in the will of God, even unto death. TRULY THIS WAS THE SON OF GOD.
In Christ crucified I see God infinitely glorified in the scene where He was dishonored, the power of Satan overcome by the weakness of God, the whole judgment of sin borne once and forever. Man's cup of iniquity is full too, but "The blood of Jesus Christ His [God's] Son cleanseth us from all sin. "
In Christ buried I see the Man of God's eternal counsels gone for the moment into the lower parts of the earth to rob the grave of its victory and to vanquish completely him who held the power of death.
In Christ risen I see the whole power of the enemy vanquished, his greatest victory proved to be his greatest defeat, and the believer's justification, reconciliation, and everlasting salvation secured forever and ever.
In Christ glorified I see God's answer to the death of His Son, the Man Christ Jesus exalted in highest heavenly glory, being a testimony to the whole universe, angelic and human, of God's own estimate of His work and Person.
in Christ seated and crowned I see a witness that He rests from the work that He accomplished alone upon the cross once for all, and which never needs the slightest addition in any way whatever-a finished work.
In Christ's coming for His own I see the realization of the glorious and certain hope of every believing heart, the accomplishment of the eternal purposes of God in Christ before the world began, and the fulfillment of His exceeding great and precious promises.
In Christ manifested in glory as King of kings and Lord of lords, I see also the fulfillment of all His promises in relation to the kingdom, and the blessing of the whole creation-responsible or irresponsible- whether angelic, human, animal, or vegetable.
In Christ's giving up all at the end to God I see the glorious and eternal accomplishment of all His immutable and unsearchable counsels, purposes, plans-revealed or unrevealed-everlasting righteousness dwelling in the scene of God's eternal rest, and the eternal blessing of redeemed man.