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Concise Bible Dictionary:

The town to which Paul was taken in the night from Jerusalem on his way to Caesarea (Acts 23:3131Then the soldiers, as it was commanded them, took Paul, and brought him by night to Antipatris. (Acts 23:31)). It was built by Herod the Great in a well-watered spot surrounded by a wood, and named after his father. At Ras el-Ain, 32° 6' N, 34° 56' E, are ruins which are held to mark the spot. This is 5 or 6 miles nearer Jerusalem than Kefr Saba, which some associate with Antipatris, because Josephus says it was called Kapharsaba before its name was altered by Herod. The former place being nearer to Jerusalem removes the difficulty that some have felt as to the distance of Antipatris being too far to reach in a night; this reduces it to about 36 miles, and it would be even less by cross roads.

Strong’s Dictionary of Greek Words:

from the same as 493; Antipatris, a place in Palestine
KJV Usage:

Jackson’s Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names:

against (or instead of) one’s country

Potts’ Bible Proper Names:

Over against, i. e., like his father:―a place in Palestine, Acts 23:31. {Similis patri}