Behold, He Comes!

I come quickly."-REVELATION 22: 12.
HE comes! Emmanuel comes!
Jesus, the crucified:
The Man of Sorrows He,
Who bowed His head, and died;
Who loved and washed us in His blood,
He comes to take us home to God.
He comes! Our Shepherd comes,
Whose eyelids never sleep,
To gather in the skies
The thousands of His sheep:
Where the eternal fountains spring
Of life divine, His flock He’ll bring.
He comes! the Advocate,
Who bears us on His breast,
To take our wearied souls
To His eternal rest:
Oh, let this hope dispel each fear,
Our great High Priest shall soon appear.
He comes! The King of kings!
His sword is on His thigh;
Crowned with His many crowns
Of highest majesty:
Clothed with a vesture dipped in blood,
His mighty name,"THE WORD OF GOD.”
He comes! the Heir of all,
Now all shall own His sway;
The Bridegroom with His Bride
His glories shall display:
But oh, His love! what tongue can tell?
Eternal! vast! unsearchable!
“Behold, I quickly come.”
Responsive to Thy word, The Spirit and the Bride
Cry, "E'en so, come, O Lord!”
Naught else can satisfy her heart,
But to be with Thee where Thou art!