Behold He Cometh

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
I am listening for the footfall
Of my own beloved Lord;
Searching daily in the Scriptures,
His most blest and sacred Word,
Where He tells me He is coming-
Coming soon to take me home;
Yea, and all His blood-bought children,
Who shall share His glorious throne!
I am listening for the sounding
Of the trump of God-the last;
When the sleeping saints awaken
As they hear the mighty blast;
And the living and remaining
In a moment changed shall be;
For this mortal then, God tells us,
Puts on immortality!
O, the shout when He descendeth-
His triumphant shout we'll hear,
As He comes to the mid heavens,
And we all behold Him near!
Yea, the very sight will draw us
From the earth to His blest feet.
Say, can words describe the rapture
As our Bridegroom thus we meet!
It may be while we are listening
For His summons: "Come away!"
We shall hear those words so precious-
He may utter them today!
Then how urgent His commandment:
“Go out quickly," gather in
Poor, lost sinners, sad and weary,
Whom the Savior died to win!