209. Bright in the Glory

Bright in the glory,
Where my Lord has gone before;
Safe in the glory
To go out no more.
I shall soon have entered,
In His likeness satisfied,
All my thoughts concentered
In the Glorified.
Jesus, Lord Jesus, Thou art all in all to me;
Jesus, Lord Jesus, I would live to Thee.
There in the glory,
I shall see my Lord who died;
Throned in the glory,
Lives the Crucified.
Lightly weighs life's burden,
As I gladly journey on,
Precious is my guerdon,
Christ the risen One.
Jesus, Lord Jesus, praise and glory be to Thee,
Jesus, Lord Jesus, all my joy's in Thee.
Soon in the glory,
We shall gather every one;
Loud in the glory,
Raise the joyful song.
Unto Him who loves us,
Never ceasing praise be given,
Sing we hallelujah,
To the Lord of heaven.
Jesus, Lord Jesus, soon forevermore with Thee,
Jesus, Lord Jesus, we Thy face shall see.