Day 249 - Proverbs 23

Proverbs 23  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
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Nothing is too small for God to take notice of in our life here on earth. So the first three verses tell us how to behave when were invited to a meal at a rich person’s home. In Daniel chapter 1, we have an example.
V.4-5 Warnings against trying to be rich so that we may have the luxuries of this world. Here God tells us that they are deceitful. They never satisfy anyone.
V.9-18 In contrast with the above, here we get God’s wonderful wisdom for different things. How to behave before unbelievers (fools), towards our children, not to envy sinners — not to long to have what they have. For surely (God says) there is an end, a day of settling coming, and we believers shall not be disappointed if we keep a good conscience each day.
V.19-22 Young people have lots of energy and they are liable to fall into these traps. Often they do not like to listen to their parents (v. 22).
V.23 Money cannot buy truth. Only the heart of the believer can buy it. The price we pay to buy it is to give up what the old nature in us would like to do. The world wants us to give up the truth.
V.26 God wants the main thing, the believer’s heart.
V.27 And the contrast. Deep ditches and narrow pits are hard to get out of.
V.29-35 The sad picture of a person who loves drink. A serious warning.