Day 250 - Proverbs 24

Proverbs 24  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
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V.1-9 We believers are surrounded by a world that is very smart. It claims to have the answer to every problem except the main one, the problem of sin. Unsaved people may be clever and interesting, but what about their life? The believer has wisdom which no one else has. For it comes from God, and it is understood only when we have a good conscience.
V.10 If we lose courage when we have difficulties, it is because our confidence in the Lord is not strong.
V.11-12 We are to think of others besides ourselves. If we say we didn’t notice it when someone was in trouble, the Lord knows whether we saw it or not!
V.16 Though a believer stumbles many times, he rises up. The unsaved person will perish forever.
V.19-20 We must not limit our thoughts to this world. This is not the end. The wicked may appear to be getting away with things, but there is an eternity ahead.
V.30-34 A warning against laziness. The weeds grow where the grain should. Note that his wall is broken down. The enemy can get in. He sleeps — there is not much for God in his life.