Day 262 - James 5

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V.1-6 Again, remember written to all Hebrews believers and non-believers. God knows all which is going on. The first 3 verses show what they had, the next three what they did.
V.5-6 Notice that James connects those who were ambitious to be rich with those who condemned and killed the Lord Jesus (Acts 3:1414But ye denied the Holy One and the Just, and desired a murderer to be granted unto you; (Acts 3:14)).
V.8 The Lord is coming! Waiting for Him keeps the heart from the love of riches. We are to wait in patience and live in peace.
V.10-11 Examples of patience. As in the book of Hebrews, the writer takes them back to the Old Testament writings and to the Lord.
V.12 Exaggerated expressions are not necessary. Most jokes are partly lies.
V.13 What a difference there would be in our life if we carried out what this verse says.
V.14-1.5 Sin may have brought on the sickness, so confession of the offenses and prayer were necessary. God would do His part. This is all quite different from so-called “faith-healers” of today. Again, remember that this book is not full Christian doctrine. The believing Jews hadn’t yet been delivered from old practices.
V.19-20 A lovely promise to those who have a deep concern and care for the welfare of other believers. If they see a careless believer, and pray for him, and speak to him about his careless life, and that person is restored in his soul, then the sins he might have continued in, are stopped, and therefore are not to be seen (are covered). But remember too, that if that careless believer refused correction, sometimes the Lord acts quite differently.