demand (Hebrew #7595)

4:17   This matter
pithgam (Hebrew #6600)
a word, answer, letter or decree
KJV usage: answer, letter, matter, word.
Pronounce: pith-gawm'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 6599
is by the decree
gzerah (Hebrew #1510)
a decree
KJV usage: decree.
Pronounce: ghez-ay-raw'
Origin: (Aramaic) from 1505 (as 1504)
of the watchers
`iyr (Hebrew #5894)
a watcher, i.e. an angel (as guardian)
KJV usage: watcher.
Pronounce: eer
Origin: (Aramaic) from a root corresponding to 5782
, and the demand
sh'ela' (Hebrew #7595)
properly, a question (at law), i.e. judicial decision or mandate
KJV usage: demand.
Pronounce: sheh-ay-law'
Origin: (Aramaic) from 7593
by the word
me'mar (Hebrew #3983)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 3982
KJV usage: appointment, word.
Pronounce: may-mar'
of the holy ones
qaddiysh (Hebrew #6922)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 6918. --holy (One), saint.
Pronounce: kad-deesh'
: to
`ad (Hebrew #5705)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 5704; X and, at, for, (hither-)to, on till, (un-)to, until, within.
Pronounce: ad
the intent
dibrah (Hebrew #1701)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 1700
KJV usage: intent, sake.
Pronounce: dib-raw'
that the living
chay (Hebrew #2417)
alive; also (as noun in plural) life
KJV usage: life, that liveth, living.
Pronounce: khah'-ee
Origin: (Aramaic) from 2418
may know
yda` (Hebrew #3046)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 3045
KJV usage: certify, know, make known, teach.
Pronounce: yed-ah'
that the most High
`illay (Hebrew #5943)
supreme (i.e. God)
KJV usage: (most) high.
Pronounce: il-lah'-ee
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 5942
shalliyt (Hebrew #7990)
mighty; abstractly, permission; concretely, a premier
KJV usage: captain, be lawful, rule(- r).
Pronounce: shal-leet'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 7989
in the kingdom
malkuw (Hebrew #4437)
dominion (abstractly or concretely)
KJV usage: kingdom, kingly, realm, reign.
Pronounce: mal-koo'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 4438
of men
'enash (Hebrew #606)
corresponding to 582; a man
KJV usage: man, + whosoever.
Pronounce: en-awsh'
Origin: (Aramaic) or renash (Aramaic) {en-ash'}
, and giveth
nthan (Hebrew #5415)
KJV usage: bestow, give pay.
Pronounce: neth-an'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 5414
it to whomsoever
man (Hebrew #4479)
who or what (properly, interrogatively, hence, also indefinitely and relatively)
KJV usage: what, who(-msoever, + -so).
Pronounce: mawn
Origin: (Aramaic) from 4101
he will
tsba' (Hebrew #6634)
to please
KJV usage: will, would.
Pronounce: tseb-aw'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 6623 in the figurative sense of summoning one's wishes
, and setteth up
quwm (Hebrew #6966)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 6965
KJV usage: appoint, establish, make, raise up self, (a-)rise (up), (make to) stand, set (up).
Pronounce: koom
`al (Hebrew #5922)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 5921
KJV usage: about, against, concerning, for, (there-)fore, from, in, X more, of, (there-, up-)on, (in-)to, + why with.
Pronounce: al
it the basest
shphal (Hebrew #8215)
KJV usage: basest.
Pronounce: shef-al'
Origin: (Aramaic) from 8214
of men
'enash (Hebrew #606)
corresponding to 582; a man
KJV usage: man, + whosoever.
Pronounce: en-awsh'
Origin: (Aramaic) or renash (Aramaic) {en-ash'}